What natura is all about -The inside extract.

6 Aug

Heres an extract from Vol 34, issue 1 , 2010 to give u an idea of what Natura publishes.Happy reading!!

Untimely rains and floods:

Another aspect of climate change is untimely rains and resultant floods. Increase in atmospheric temperature due to global warming affects formation of clouds and occurrence of rainfall with respect to place and time. Monsoon rains are not received according to schedule and climate change also affects the quality of rainfall. Sometimes excessive rains are received at the end of summer or during the fall season. These rains damage crops and the floods resulting from these rains play a large role in damaging wetlands.

The floods slit up the wetlands and wash down the species found there. Flash flood received in northern parts of Pakistan including Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral wash away everything in their way.

One advantage of floods is that a huge quantity of freshwater is drained into the sea thus salt content of water in the deltaic region. Reduction in the salinity of water improves the wetlands in the coastal areas makes them more suitable for growth of mangrove forest and breeding of fish and shrimps. Rivers over flowing their margins in flood recharge their flood plains and dependent wetlands. Agricultural production, riverine forests and wetlands in floods plains of the River Indus owe their lives, in large part, to annual flooding of the Indus.


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