New Year eve and its dilema!!!

2 Jan

Every year on 31st December I dont know what people celebrate at New year parties and countdowns, i think they celebrate having lived through the year.But I might be wrong.New year eves for me a full of flash backs of the previous year owing to the heavy hype created by all those new year excited people . I find them very enjoyable to watch and be with but I am afraid I cannot enjoy it much myself.

I always get anxious and curious as to what the new year holds for me . I dont plan things and go with what fate offers me but also I have some goals and boundaries to keep my life on track.Other wise bieng a person of various interests i can tend to lose track at times.

There are mixed feelings of excitement, happiness at what I gained and sadness at what I lost, afraid of what time lies ahead and an anxiety to succeed.With such a heavy dramaa going inside me i find it better not to indulge myself in any party or event that evening and my best way to spend the evening is to order a pizza watch a good movie with people I want always in my life,switch off my cell phone and laptop. Drink coffee before bed and wake up the next year.That morning is the brightest and the emotions of last evening only seem very petty and unconsiderable.

How do you spend your new year eve? 🙂




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