Top 5 must try looks this winter!

18 Dec

Published in Pakistan Today’s Lounge Magazine

If you haven’t yet had the chance to survey this year’s winter collection .Then fear not! This is your guide to the next shopping spree. The local brands have out done themselves in producing one of the best winter collections I have seen in the last few years. However the one brand worth mentioning is Break Out, their winter material is soft wool with very up to date styles. You can easily find the following pieces at local brand shops anywhere in Pakistan.

Look 1- The cozy sweater

Pair up an over sized sweater with skinny’s and boots and you are all set for the day. This outfit is comfortable as well as stylish add accessories to it like a handbag and a wrap around the neck to complete the look!

Look 2- The Blazer

Try the basic jeans with a sweater vest or top and add layer to the outfit with a waist length blazer. If you want to make this outfit semi formal wear heels with it. This look is the latest chic style of elegance in women. You can accessorize it with a long light necklace and a hand clutch.

Look 3- Patterned Sweater or Sweat Shirt

Try patterned sweaters and sweatshirts , the pattern could be from stripes to checks and diamond. Pair them up with a woolen pants or jeans.

Look 4- Add a standout colour

Red Hot red in cold winter is the colour to add to any outfit but the trick is in how not to overdo it. You can wear an all black grey or white outfit and then add bright coloured scrafs, gloves or hats to the outfit.You can also add shoes or bags of such colours.

Look 5- Balance out the volume

Mega loop scarves are so in right now. Offset their bulkiness with a fitted jacket and skinny pants.



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