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Nowshera as I remember it.

17 Aug

I remember the the first time I set my eyes on the vibrant river Kabul when I visited Nowshera in 2005, its one of the natural scenes which had an enchanting effect on me.In Nowshera cantt where I was visiting a cousin, the river formed a wide semi-circle around the green mountains;covered with trees so thick that when standing on the bank of the river I could only see the lively water spread out infront of me in a wide arc and greenery on the other side.

I fell in love with the energetic currents of the fast flowing river as it hit the sandy bank.There was a jogging track aligned beside the bank and it became a daily habit to run on it every morning before breakfast.Fresh air and the soothing sounds of the river became an essential part of my morning during my stay in Nowshera.It was simply captivating.

Another thing that I loved about Nowshera was the shopping spree, being a person who loves shopping I was thrilled to discover the unique culture of Nowshera’s bazzars (read shopping malls).Wrapped around in a shawl, I explored the bazaars and the best thing were the antique jewellery pieces that I came across,I bought a ring in silver with black stone.I still have it.

Now with the floods in Nowshera, Pakistan, I cant help but remember the beauty of that place and its people.It pains me to wonder what happened to that bank and the jogging track where I used to spend every morning.I spent only two weeks there and if I cant get those images out of my head and i wonder what about the locals who spent every moment of their life in the areas which are now swamped with flood water.

Its terrible to watch those images on T.V, The world has never seen such a disaster.Around 2 crore Pakistani’s are without shelter,food and clean water.We can only help those people to get their lives back to normal once the water level goes down But the damage is already done.


Raining on the sun

22 Jul

Wooosh! the summer heat is finally cutting down as the rains start.apart from the pleasent weather it gives us a swimming pool right outside our front of the luxuries of living in Pakistan.

Hello world!

22 Jul

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